Grow your email list.

Distribute unique and time-sensitive coupons to your new subscribers.

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Reward your email subscribers

Encourage people to provide you with their email address in exchange for a unique discount code.


Create a sense of urgency

Generate time-sensitive coupons, they are an effective tool and increased coupons usage of our customers by 28%.


Keep coupons private

Disappear from coupons lists services such as JoinHoney, CouponMate, CouponFollow and hundreds of others.



Love it. I've been using it for a while now and it does exactly what it says.


This has been so helpful to gain personalized discount codes for my customers. I can keep the integrity of my company all while making our customers feel special. It’s a win win!


A fantastic and simple app that does exactly what it says. With Mailchimp integration it generates a unique code that can be fed into an automated email campaign (as an example). I use it to automatically send new subscribers a personalised discount code. Tested myself using a few email addresses and it is fast - I receive the mail with code in under 30 seconds..


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$ 0 /month
  • check image All features.
  • check image 1 shop limit.
  • check image 50 coupons per month.
$ 9 /month
  • check image All features.
  • check image 3 shops limit.
  • check image 500 coupons per month.
$ 49 /month
  • check image All features.
  • check image 5 shops limit.
  • check image 5,000 coupons per month.