Increase Sales With Unique Coupons

Send automatically generated coupons to your Mailchimp subscribers.

Early access

  • WooCommerce
  • Mailchimp

Newsletter coupons

Offer a personalized coupon code to welcome your newsletter subscribers. They receive it instantly in their emails, resulting in immediate sales.

Birthday coupons

Offer a discount on your customer's birthday, and remind them about your shop on the same occasion!

Abandoned carts

Customers added items to their cart, but didn't come back? Send them a coupon automatically and improve your chances to make a sale!



This has been so helpful to gain personalized discount codes for my customers. I can keep the integrity of my company all while making our customers feel special. It’s a win win!


Really excited about this app it's exactly what I've been needing for my cart sequences and Mailchimp lists to generate unique codes. Easy to setup and integrate and works really well! Highly recommend this app :)


A fantastic and simple app that does exactly what it says. With Mailchimp integration it generates a unique code that can be fed into an automated email campaign (as an example). I use it to automatically send new subscribers a personalised discount code. Tested myself using a few email addresses and it is fast - I receive the mail with code in under 30 seconds.


$ 9 /month
  • All features
  • 1 WooCommerce shop
  • 100 coupons per month
  • All features
  • Unlimited WooCommerce shops
  • 1,000 coupons per month
$ 99 /month
  • All features
  • Unlimited WooCommerce shops
  • 10,000 coupons per month
  • Priority support
  • What happens when I cross my coupon limit?

    We notify you when you're about to cross your limit. Once the limit is crossed, you will have 3 days to upgrade. If you haven't upgraded after these 3 days, we will stop the coupon generation.

  • How are coupons being added to my store?

    Generated coupons are automatically added to your store, without you having to do anything.

  • What happens after my free trial?

    After your free trial, if you decide to not upgrade to a paid plan, coupon generation will be stopped.